Steps to Starting a Computer Repair Business

According to a recent study, the sale of computer products and services is going to realize high growth, with the bulk of the activity being concentrated on computer repair.

By implication, there are vast opportunities that individuals can explore as far as the computer repair business is concerned.

However, penetrating the computer repair industry requires ample planning beforehand and comes with its share of obstacles.

It is therefore paramount that one gained a comprehensive understanding on how to start such a business in order to make an informed decision.

Steps to Starting a Computer Repair Business:

There are several things to consider when starting a computer repair business.

1.  First to start off, any prospective business should start with a thorough market research that will determine the viability of the business.

Most importantly, the market research will help you determine which products and services you are going to offer, fixing laptops for instance.

On one hand, being a one stop shop for IT related services will help you benefit from variety and diversification. On the other, specializing and developing a niche is a manifestation of experience, competence, and expertise.

2.  Secondly, properly identify the name, contacts, and the physical location of the business.

The name of a business should be unique and catchy. The physical location of the business should be visible, accessible, and offer at least standard comfort.

It should be noted that these three factors have a great bearing on consumer behavior. For example, when a client will do a referral for you, the referral is only consequential if your business has an identifiable name, reliable contacts, and accessible physical location.

3.  Third, a computer business is one of those types of business which requires capital upfront to buy tools.

This can be expensive. However, it cannot be underestimated. This is because client satisfaction directly depends on the rare combination of high quality and cost effective services.

There is no way you can offer high quality services that are cost effective without the use of the appropriate tools in executing your trade.

4.  Fourth, you need to effectively choose your marketing strategy.

In fact, business survival and growth is largely determined by its ability to execute a solid and sustainable marketing strategy.

Such a strategy should carry a high rate of return. Jayson DeMeyers, writing for Forbes says that effective identification of the target audience is the key to the success of a start up business. This is because it can help you concentrate on the target audience without wasteful advertising.

Furthermore, one can analyze the target audience using such tools as data segmentation and variables such as age group and geographical factors.

5.  Lastly, there are values that are a general rule for successful business people.

You should not be an exception in adopting them. For example, Michah Lahren, a computer technician, notes that it is difficult to establish a reliable client base more so in smaller towns.

In such cases, being persistent will help you overcome the turbulent and uncertain times when starting a business.

Similarly, other values such as honesty help you to win trust from customers. Only promise what you know you are going to deliver and always offer the value for money.


There is no doubt whatsoever that the computer repair industry is endowed with ample opportunities.

Nevertheless, the opportunities require careful consideration about the feasibility of the business and the future prospects.

Overall, starting a computer repair business requires the choice of offering general services or specialized services, proper identification of the premise, capital to purchase tools, and a solid marketing strategy.

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