How To Become a Pro at using Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel, the go-to spreadsheet application for most of the world, can be fairly tricky to use. Excel is filled with several technical aspects that none but the most experienced users can handle. This is why you have to put some considerable effort into mastering this Windows spreadsheet program before you can hope to become a pro. Here are tips on how to become a pro at using Microsoft Excel.

How To Become a Pro at using Microsoft Excel:

Take A Course:

Taking a course in Excel and Advanced Excel is a good start towards becoming an Microsoft Excel pro. Nothing says pro than having the certifications or recognitions to prove it. Besides giving credibility to your rare Excel skills, a course is also a good way to master new Excel concepts and lay the groundwork for advanced understanding on how the spreadsheet application works.

Hone Your Excel Skills:

For anyone to be a pro in any field, not just Excel, they have to put considerable effort into refining their skills. Therefore, you cannot just learn a new Excel concept and forget about it and expect that you can apply it when you are called upon to do so. You should test the concept using multiple scenarios to learn more about it and ensure that you do not have to struggle with in future, just like a pro.

Learning From Other Pros:

Few things can top the educational benefits of learning from a pro in the field. A pro can teach you how to grasp difficult concepts and how to stay at the top of your game once you become an Excel expert. Pros also have knowledge about the more complex Excel concepts and recent updates as opposed to the average Excel user.

Dedicate Yourself To Learning New Excel Skills:

When you decide to be an Excel pro, you cannot expect to reach a point where you do not have to put any more effort into learning new things. Technology changes everyday, and a great part of mastering Excel is understanding the changes that take place within the Windows platform, even if the fundamental concepts on which Excel functionalities are based may remain unchanged over time.

Learn A Bit Of Microsoft Access:

Advanced Excel skills, the kind that pros possess, involve having skills in the use of other Microsoft Applications, most notably, Microsoft Access. Much of the data that is processed using Excel is oftentimes stored in database management applications, the most popular of which is Microsoft Access. Therefore, you should make a point of gaining some knowledge of this package since you are more than likely to encounter scenarios whereby you would have to transfer data from Access to Excel.


Very few people in the world can claim to be Microsoft Excel pros, and you can be part of this exclusive club. Excel is more than just a spreadsheet application, its a global spreadsheet standard, a position it has proudly held for over two decades. Essentially, the road to joining the elite ranks of being a Microsoft Excel pro involves taking a course in Excel, honing your skills through practice, listening to other pros, committing to learning new Excel tricks and skills, and getting basic proficiency in the use of Microsoft Access.

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